Cantine Lonardo Taurasi 2012

April 02, 2018

I don't often have the opportunity to offer truly great wines from Campania, one of my two home away from home regions of Italy (the other being Piemonte), and it's not because they don't exist. There just isn't very much of it being produced and that's a shame. There are plenty of well situated vineyards in the Taurasi DOCG  planted with Aglianico, aka the Nebbiolo of the south, but so many producers here have decided on some level or another of "international" style in their winemaking (small or new oak or both, fast fermentations on cultured yeast etc) that there are just tiny handful of growers left making the real thing. With only 200 hectares or so planted, there aren't really very many growers at any rate and Luigi Tecce and especially Sandro...

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Giuseppe Nada Barbaresco

November 28, 2017

The Cantina Giuseppe Nada in Treiso is an absolute gem of a cellar in Barbaresco and a great if limited source of top quality, traditional Nebbiolo. Established in the 1960's as a winery, the Nadas got started the same way so many small producers did here by transitioning from farming and selling fruit to larger negociant concerns to making and bottling their own wine. They own and farm prime vineyard land in Treiso, the highest altitude village in the DOC just southeast of Barbaresco itself, principally the famed Casot cru which the family purchased from the Gaja family (yes, those Gajas) in 1900. These days, it's still very much a family operation with Giuseppe and wife Nella Nada doing all the vineyard work, daughter Barbara...

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Benjamin Leroux

October 04, 2017

Unlike so many "rockstar" winemakers in Burgundy, Benjamin Leroux wasn't born into a famous family domaine with top holdings in all the right vineyards. In fact, he wasn't born into a winemaking family at all. Benjamin decided he wanted to be a winemaker at the age of 13 and started at the Lycée Viticole de Beaune where he excelled as a student and was considered a prodigy. After finishing his wines studies at the Dijon school and having worked around the world from New Zealand to Oregon he finally landed his first real job at Cos d'Estournel in Bordeaux before returning to Burgundy in 1998. Shortly after arriving home he was offered the job of winemaker/régisseur at the prestigious Comte Armand (Domaine du Clos des Epéneaux) in Pommard,where he interned early on, in time for the 1999 vintage and the rest is history. Filling a rather large...

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Bernard & Mathieu Baudry

October 07, 2016

  Bernard and Matthieu Baudry    Bernard Baudry and son Matthieu are making some of the best wines in Chinon these days from the best terroirs in the appellation in Cravant-les-Coteaux. That's saying something considering that they didn't even own vines 40 years ago. In fact, along with Raffault, these are pretty clearly the best two sources of Chinon in my mind. Where Raffaults wines tend to be powerful, brooding and very slow to evolve, Baudry's Chinons are made in a slightly more approachable style though not at the expense of structure or integrity. This is more like comparing Latour to Lafite than anything else.Farming here has been fully organic since 2006, not easy to do in this continental climate with it's humidity and otherwise unpredictable weather. The domaine consists of various parcels planted...

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