Allimant-Laugner Cremant d'Alsace Rosé NV

I'm 100% certain I've sold a lot more of this one wine than any other in my entire time in the wine business. It's a great sparkling wine for the money with a rabid, loyal fan base and it just  delivers year after year. And it's not just a local phenomenon, I even see this wine in Parisian wine bars more than any other and it's not like they make that much of it. With the holidays upon us this is my go to sparkling wine suggestion, perfect as an aperitif and great with just about everything on the table. 

The Allimant-Laugner domaine is a family operation dating back to 1724. A small affair at 12 hectares making a full range of classic Alsatian wines from  Pinot Blanc to Riesling but the star here is this 100% Pinot Noir sparkler made using the Champagne method (second fermentation, hand riddling etc) Very fine bubbles, palest pink hue and a fresh nose of strawberry and flowers with elegant, discreet fruit flavors like the best rosés from  nearby Champagne. A lot of finesse for under $30 let alone under $20. This will be in stock through the season and beyond but you'll want multiple bottles, they mange to empty themselves quickly this time of year.

Type: France

Vendor: Eno Fine Wine

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