Yves Leccia Patrimonio Rosé 2017


This is one of my absolute favorite rosés from one of Corsica's top producers. Yves Leccia is widely considered to be the best source of wine on the island with the best vineyard site in Patrimonio in the far north. Yves bought the 15 hectare site called E Croce a dozen years ago or so after branching out on his own from the original family cellar. This perfect hillside vineyard is planted on a layer of chalk over a thick bed of pure schist situated alongside the mountains which extend into the Cap Corse and facing the Gulf of St. Florent. Just like the great vineyards of coastal Provence and Liguria, the gentle sea breezes and mountains shelter the vineyards from extremes in weather.

Yves works alone in the vineyards and cellar doing everything by hand from farming to bottling. There are over a half dozen wines bottled here but the three top wines are the three that carry the Patrimonio AOC; red, white and rosé. All three of these are just stunning wines. The red and rosé are made from a blend of Niellucciu and Grenache. Niellucciu is widely suspected to be a clone of Sangiovese but nothing definitive has come from the research that’s been done so far. 

The rosé is made from a 12 hour saignée then a long, cool fermentation. There is no malolactic fermentation and no wood. In fact, there isn’t a single stick of wood in the cellar here; all wines are fermented and aged in stainless steel. Funny for a guy who's last name means oak in the local dialect.

Like the best Provençal rosés, these are pale in color and intense in flavor though the few Corsicans I buy tend to be far more interesting. I find them to be even lighter and more refreshing which is exactly why we drink rosé. This wine is pale salmon in color with pretty notes of rhubarb, citrus and mineral and very light-on-their-feet red fruit flavors. Like pretty much everything we see coming in from Corsica these days, Kermit Lynch is the importer and there isn't very much to go around. If you already buy the great Marquiliani Rosés, you’ll love this one. Only 36 bottles available.

Type: France

Vendor: Eno Fine Wine

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