Roger Neveu Sancerre Côte des Embouffants 2022

The domaine is a family run operation centered around a centuries old cellar in the hamlet of Verdigny with roots dating back to the 1200’s and the Clos des Bouffants vineyard which is one of Sancerre’s best. Just about a mile away from Chavignol which is home to the most prized (and expensive) Sancerre’s of all, it shares that communes pure limestone bedrock and southwest facing steep slopes with very shallow gravel topsoil. In fact, the main road through town is called Route des Monts Damnés after Chavignol’s most famous vineyard.

Roger Neveu started making and bottling his own wine back in the 1970’s and built the reputation of the wines by selling to locals first then a handful of small overseas importers. Sons Eric and Jean-Philippe Neveu now run the domaine. 

The Côte desEmbouffants vineyard is one of the steepest in the appellation at 40-50% and makes for a concentrated, intense example of Sauvignon Blanc. Farming is lutte raisonnée, winemaking is traditional (no wood) with a brief cold soak with skins to extract flavor and texture then a total of 8-12 months aging in stainless steel. This is classic Chavignol style Sancerre with its chalky, citrus nose and clean, clear fruit flavors. Lush texture with bracing acidity and a long clean finish. One of the absolute best values in Sancerre.


Type: France

Vendor: Eno Fine Wine

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