Giulia Negri Langhe Nebbiolo Pian delle Mole 2021


Giulia Negri started her modest cellar a few years ago with a small plot of prime La Morra vineyards from her parents wine estate as a 24 year old just out of school and with a different perspective on Barolo than the one she grew up with. Much of that stems from her love of Burgundy and unlike so many La Morra producers who started visiting cellars in Burgundy a generation ago and came back with grand ideas of barrique aged Barolo, Giulia was struck by how elegant and transparent Pinot Noir can be and conversely, got rid of the small barrels in the existing winery and bought big botti for her new "garage"of a winery. The quality of her first bottlings of Barolo instantly put her on the map,

Unfortunately, there's not much wine to be had with just 6 hectares of vines. 

Serradenari is one of the great Barolo vineyards virtually no-one has ever heard of; a real sori or vineyard that crowns the top of a hill, in this case the highest altitude vineyard in all of Barolo at @550 meters a.s.l. Located in La Morra above the Bricco del Dente crest above Brunate. This is a classic La Morra site rich in sand, fossils and clay which produce some of the most elegant wines in Barolo. The site has been in Giulia's family for over 150 years and as good as the fruit is here, the family were mainly growers who made just ok wines. Fortunately, those days are over.

The Langhe Nebbiolo Pian delle Mole is a classic young Nebbiolo from vines planted on the lowest parts of Serradenari at 450 meters, practically in the woods just above the Bricco del Dente. Fermented in stainless steel and aged briefly in old 500 liter tonneaux, this wine is an incredible value and a great introduction to Giulia's great Barolo. Classic Nebbiolo notes of violet, mint and tobacco on the nose with fresh flavors of tiny red fruits and licorice. Very limited.

Type: Italy

Vendor: Eno Fine Wine

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